You always type a word or combination of words in a search engine to find something; that "word or words" are called Keywords. The method through which one finds and analyses search terms is known as Keyword research. Keywords are used to appeal to and attract traffic from search engines.
Technical SEO consists of Page Speed issues of the website. Those websites that maintain striking UI and minimum loading speed of pages always have an edge, among others. If you want the page to rank on "Google's first page," then Technical SEO is the key factor you should consider.
On-page SEO is of crucial importance to rank your website on "Google's first page." We will optimize the content of your website by targeting specific keywords. We will optimize your website Page Titles and Page Description. Images need optimization, too; we will do that by adding alt-attributes.
Off-page SEO happens outside of your site; it is basically a link-building technique. It is one of the main factors for websites to rank on "Google's first page." Professional link building with High DA (Domain Authority) websites is essential for any domain.


Search Engine Optimization, generally known by its acronym SEO, is of prime importance. SEO is a form of marketing, but marketing is done digitally on search engines. In the digital world, organic traffic plays a key role. SEO is a process of growing or increasing the websites' quality, for instance, User Interface and organic traffic.
Client satisfaction has always been my top priority throughout my career, whether I am working with a small business or a large business. I always push my limit to ensure my clients' business growth regardless of their standing in the market. I help my client to the best of my knowledge via sincerity and hard work. So, you can approach me if you intend to expand and grow your business. You will get unsurpassed services from a Professional SEO Freelancer in Dubai.
Besides, I am an expert content writer of all types, especially on-page SEO content, an imperative factor in ranking your page on Google's first page. After applying my knowledge to the page or site, I will guarantee you that your page will rank on Google's first page.
Every website requires a different kind of technique and level of effort. That is why my charges depend upon your project plan, i.e., customizable pricing. I prefer to have a thorough discussion with my clients before fixing any price.


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I am now concentrating on accomplishing my spot amongst the best SEO Consultant in Dubai. Therefore, anybody can use my services for their business growth. I will ensure to prove that they have hired the top dog of digital marketing and SEO Consultancy in Dubai.
Link Building
If you want to boost Website Domain Authority, Then create high-quality backlinks. This practice is commanly known as link building.
Technical SEO Audit
Technical SEO is associated with website problems like Server-side limitations, the loading speed of a page and on-page SEO, etc.
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a notable tactic to rank a website on various platforms which consist of high domain authority.
Google Penalty Recovery
Google Penalty recovery is made after removing plagiarized content via optimization of the website and by removing the toxic backlinks.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is done to generate organic traffic from search engines. I can drive organic traffic from search engines to your website.
Content Marketing
SEO needs quality content targeting certain keywords related to the site's niche to rank on Google's first page and drive organic traffic.

SEO Agency in Dubai

I am working with an SEO Agency in Dubai, where I learned all SEO strategies, and I know how to detect and improve web traffic behavior for unswerving SERP Ranking. I am the number one Google Certified SEO Specialist. Self-development and Google certification has made me the best SEO Specialist in Dubai.
My determination to be the best has made me unstoppable. I have dreamed and worked hard to reach my goal after overcoming my shortcoming over time. Now I have turned my game up after working with all kinds of businesses to explore possibilities.


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SEO is a huge field with many competitors; if one has returning buyers, one must be doing something right. All my career, I have delivered 100% work without compromising on quality. I have developed a 90% success rate with a solid client base of trustworthy and returning buyers.
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Why is Awais Ahmed the Best SEO EXPERT IN DUBAI?

Awais has been ranking Famous brands in Dubai on Google Search. Moreover, Awais Ahmed has collaborated with the famous Middle East Search Award Nominee for the year 2019 and has mastered Local-Global, eCommerce & Enterprise SEO.

Why Do You Need an SEO Expert in Dubai for Your Business?

Best SEO Specialist Leads business towards organic traffic fromĀ  SERPs results.

Why Should You Consider Awais Ahmed Khan as an SEO Specialist in Dubai?

Awais Ahmed Khan is a famous figure in the SEO Community, and he has worked with some of the best SEO Experts in Dubai. Awais provides cutting-edge quality SEO solutions at very cheap pricing.

What SEO Services does our SEO Company in Dubai offer?

Awais Ahmed khan Provides a 360 SEO solution. In SEO, I have years of experience in Ranking websites on Google’s top pages, which allows me to cater to all the SEO services from On-Page SEO to Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Speed Optimization, and Off-Site SEO. Awais also offers a Google Penalty removal service.


Google regularly updates algorithms to increase users’ satisfaction. Therefore, SEO has become more critical than ever because building trust and long-term website authority become ranking metrics.